Friday, December 13, 2013


I took a personality test this week- kind of a big famous one.  A real one- and the results had me pegged.  (I am an INFJ if you know the test).  I was mesmerized.  I spent a considerable amount of time reading the pages of results- because I was reading myself.  I liked what I read, but I also see I have a lot to live up to.  And if there is one major thing I need to learn it is this: sometimes I can be exhausting both to myself and to the world around me- a world that I cannot look at without wanting so desperately for it to do and be everything that I know and believe it can be.  

Week after week I challenge both you and myself.  Deep calls to deep, and I want more than anything for you and I to experience and to be the best possible versions of ourselves that God has called us out to be.  I truly just want you to recognize all of the things that God has put deep inside break free of the every day mundane.  To be the you I know you can be.

But if I say I love you, or that Jesus loves you would you believe me?  Or would it get lost in words and feelings of expectations?  Would it even be possible to break down my life to something as simple as love if I never give it a chance to be that simple- if I never give it a chance to just rest knowing that right here and right now that is enough?  

This is that day.  I don't need to say anything else...I am choosing not to "talk" today. Yes, essentially the point of a blog is for me to talk, but for this one week- I am choosing to be simple.  Because it IS that simple.

And because I do love you.  And Jesus does love you.  
And that is it.  

Be at peace today.

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