Friday, October 4, 2013

He Who Has Ears

Last week was my most widely read blog since I started writing almost a year ago.  It's funny, because I  have not changed the way I share my blog and I have never really put much thought into promoting it.  I like to write.  If people read it, well that is just icing on the cake I suppose.  But you are reading it and I am beginning to feel this tie between me and you- it is new territory for me but one I am willing to walk into with anticipation.  This new season in my life has brought pain and hurt, and I am open to it also bringing the excitement of the unknown.

As I said last week, I am going to move forward.  If I have any news on the health front I promise I will update you, but otherwise I want to start to write about other things I have on my heart.  I do spend most of my time laying down and resting, but the Lord is not bound by my physical limitations.  I went through a very deep process between me and God before I was able to come to this place of moving forward and sometime soon I would like to talk about it with you.  But for now, lets just keep it light for a moment shall we?

Despite my health decline I mentioned to you that I was still planning on taking a trip to meet some friends of mine next week.  I am saving next weeks post to tell you the full story about them, but I was talking to this friend Jen a couple of days ago and the subject of religion came up.  I am technically classified as a born again christian and she is what you would call a catholic.  She talked about going to a cousins church and how it was different from her catholic church but how much she liked it there, and I talked about how much I love the respect and reverence found in catholic churches.  Two women who love Jesus talking about our different worship was great.  Then we got to talking about how frustrated we were with how disrespectful some christians can be with one another, and what a disservice that ultimately does to those around you.

I thought about that conversation long after it was over.  I know a lot of people.  Some are born agains, some are catholics, some baptists, some pentecostals.  I am a little bit on the ditzy side when it comes to things like this in that I can never really remember what each one means exactly- I know I love Jesus.  I know I believe in the Holy Spirit.  I am not in the camp that says "hey it's cool, all roads lead to heaven and as long as you're a good person you're going to heaven." Sorry.  There is a God.  There is One awesome, beautiful, all-encompassing, all-great, incredible, sacrificial Jesus.  And He is the Way the Truth and the Life.  But beyond the true Him, I don't take much issue as to what structure and what denomination you choose to serve and worship Him.

But within that, I have to say hypocrisy really, really bothers me.  I can think of nothing that dishonors the name of Jesus more than misrepresenting Him.  Christians should be known as the kindest, most loving people in the world.  Are we?  No, usually we are too busy squabbling amongst ourselves.  Usually we are too busy picking fights that are not ours to pick.  I think we lose sight of why we are really here.  We are here to love people.  We are here to be more like Jesus.

Being this sick has changed my focus a lot.  I don't care as much about trivial things.  I have had to make a lot of major decision over the past couple of weeks and it has made me look more at the bigger picture in life.  I have taken a sharper look at my character- about how the world sees me.  How would people describe me?  What kind of representation am I?  Most days we get up and we live for ourselves.  We live inside our own small worlds, only branching out vocally if we get angry over something- usually politics or religion.  But I wonder how many of us have first built a platform of love on which to speak from?

Listen, my God is not frail.  He is not some sissy pushover.  He is not ok with sin.  However, I have never seen a heart won over through arguing.  You win a heart through love.  There is a time and a place to speak about right and wrong, but I can assure you it is not through a facebook rant.  Well let me rephrase- you most certainly can go on a facebook rant, but don't expect to reach anybody's heart through one.  And isn't that the goal- to reach the heart?

So what am I saying here?  I am begging you to check your heart.  This world is filled with people I love dearly whose hearts I want to see reconciled to Jesus and the only way that is going to happen is if we stop being hypocrites and stop giving them a reason to hate God.  Yes, I know technically we are not responsible for other people's feelings- but man, I don't want to even play the smallest role in giving someone a reason to push God away.  I want to be even the smallest reason that someone wants to turn to God.  Don't you?

*Please tune in next week, as it is going to be my most exciting post I have written yet.  Next week I will be taking a train out to finally meet Chris Niles in person.  I will be re-telling the story of who Chris is and how I came to "meet" him.  I am a bundle of nervous energy and I cannot wait to tell you all about it.  Have a blessed week, and I will see you all next Friday!

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