Friday, August 2, 2013

Will You Meet Us Here?

As we lift up our hands, will You meet us here?  As we call on Your name...will You meet us here?

This is one of my favorite worship songs.  Well actually, I don't even really care for the rest of the song- but those two opening lines.  They get me every time.  The bring tears to my eyes and make me hit my knees because the heart of the question they are asking is so real.  So scary.

It is a challenge to God.  It is the question of the ages asked by the heart of every person who has ever walked this earth.  If I put it all on the line, will God really be there?  If I take my hurt, my pain, my fear, my anger and bring it to Him- will He meet me?  And when I sing this song it all comes rushing through me- the questioning, the wondering, the asking.  I take it all and lay it out there and literally make myself as vulnerable as a person is able to get- and then I wait.

I wait to see if He will really meet me.

Ever since the first sin entered this world and we were separated from God this question has been asked.  Sometimes it gets shouted out in rage, and other times it's whispered in the quietness of a person's darkest hour.  Where are you God?  Why did you let this happen?  Why do you sit and watch all of the horrible things that happen in this world?  That happen to me?

We hate, we rage, we ignore, we walk away.  We do many things out of the anger we think we feel.  But anger is just the outward display of something far deeper.  Because deep down inside all the questions we want answered and all the feelings we have building up are just one thing- one powerful, deep, soul cutting thing: hurt.

We are not angry at God...we are hurt.  We cant reconcile everything we see happening and everything we ourselves go through with all that God claims to be.  We feel betrayed by a God who ,whether we realized it or not, we expected to love us and protect us.  And when it seemed as if all hell broke loose and nobody was there to stop it- more than anything, we were hurt.  Broken, betrayed, and crushed to our very souls.

Look around.  We are a world filled with people who are attempting to live their lives apart from the One they were created by and for.  This mess is not God's doing- it's mans'.  And as we dare to understand that we share the blame, we begin to see that it is not God at all who is at fault, but rather ourselves.  Our fallen, sinful selves.  And when you come to that realization, you start to ache for comfort. For someone to understand our pain and carry us through it...but to receive love you must open your heart again.

And in the trembling silence is when you ask of God the real question in your heart.

Will You meet me here?

If I come to You, will You meet me.  If I open myself up to You, will you hurt me.  If I dare to put it all on the line, will You hold Your end of the bargain.  Will You?

Those lines in the song bring me to tears because it is the deepest question of the soul.  It is humanity trying to reconcile to its God.  It is seeing the gap and asking for a bridge to cross over it...believing not in what we see around us, but in something far bigger and far greater; and yet far more personal than anything we have ever known.

He will meet you here.  As you call on His name- He will meet you.  He will bridge the gap, heal your hurt, love your soul, touch the empty, restore what you've lost, light your darkness, feed your hunger, and raise your dead.

Yes.  He will meet you here.

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