Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Let's Talk- Da Bomb

As you know, I am currently on Long Island for a family reunion, so that means you're getting photo bombed!!  My family is very Italian and very New York...we are loud, eat more than you can imagine, talk all at once with our hands, eat some more, play games, laugh, hug, eat even more...I love them so much and wouldn't trade them for the world!  Hope you enjoy and I will see you Friday!
Me and Joey!
Me with a white flower in my hair that you can't see because of the white background, lol

What it looks like when 2 adults and 6 kids take a 5 day trip!
Big Red can handle it

Sissy and me
Family!  Missy, Kayla, Me, Desiree', and Tricia

The 2am DeLeo raiding of the fridge
Kayla and me...I love her!!

Cousins!  Kayla, Stef (my sissy), Me, and Jessica

My kids with their cousin Nicholas!
My grandma likes to make us play games and give away prizes, and there was one prize left so instead of just acting like adults about it, we were forced to play a grown up game of Simon Says, lol

Aunt Denise, Uncle Ronato, Me

Me and Jeff doing a selfie at the hotel...I am notoriously bad at selfies, hence the camera on Jeffy's head

Not a selfie, lol

Can't keep myself off of my cousin Jessica...love her so much and miss her all the time!!

Those games I talked about earlier- this was me winning one, lol

My dad and mom!!!!
Me holding a signed copy of Donatella Arpaia's cookbook!

Snuggling up to watch Despicable Me
Stayed at a hotel for a couple of nights....half the kids stayed with my parents, half came with us lol

My grandparents surrounded by all the people who were brave enough to marry into this family

Baby David and my sleeping dad

Nanny and Poppy with the blood DeLeos!

My cousin's husband Travis and me

Nanny getting the games rolling, lol
Me and Ryza!!

Ryza sitting on the floor, dirty, and picking her nose- and looking exactly like I did as a kid!

Kid cousins!!
Uncle Richie, me, Aunt Beth...love them so much!!


Travis, Kayla, Me

Jeffy holding J-dog

Me and my wonderful Uncle Donald!!  

My beautiful baby David!
DeLeos eating

Anthony and me being awesome

Me and my sissy!

This is me facilitating a game of mafia.  If you don't know what that is, you have my pity :)

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