Monday, August 26, 2013

Let's Talk- About How to Make Bagels!

The bagel blog has arrived!  I have heard your cries for bagels and answered your pleas, lol.  I recorded a very detailed, step-by-step video showing exactly how to make really awesome bagels.  I thought I would be more skilled at editing a video, but it turns out I have no skills whatsoever and therefore you have the full, 28 minutes version of me rambling and cooking at the same time!  So I apologize for the length, but just kind of skip around to get the main points, and if I ever vlog again I will get assistance in the editing department!  (My friend Matt actually was going to help me edit, but I was not even capable of e-mailing the video to him!  Yea, I am a little technologically challenged.  I call my own mother for advice on how to use my iPhone.)

Also, stay tuned because I will be featuring a guest blogger in the very near future!  A friend of mine from college has agreed to write a post on a very deep, very poignant topic.  It is an issue that is very close to most of us, and she has not only battled through it personally, but is a living example to others on finding God and truth through it.  Yes, I am deliberately being vague because I want you to go into it with a clear mind and an open heart.  So keep your eyes open for this post.

Ok, bagel time!  Hope you enjoy and I will see you Friday!

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  1. I just had a chance to watch your bagel video. You made it look simple (which I know it's NOT) and easy (which I also know it's NOT that either). Congrats on your first vlog, I think it was a definite success.

    I might actually try these. I have avoided making breads with yeast because I'm intimidated by the whole proofing/resting/rising process, but after watching your confidence I think I can be fearless and try. Thank you!

    I do agree that New York (Long Island especially) has the most awesome people (and food, culture, attractions, beaches, etc.). I might be biased, however.

    Thanks again for an amazing tutorial. Blessings!