Friday, May 31, 2013

Stay Calm and Follow the Bubbles

I watched the movie "The Impossible" the other night.  It was the true story about a spanish family who was vacationing in Thailand in 2004 when the big tsunami hit.  It was quite a harrowing story, and there were many scenes in the movie that I pray never actually happened, even though I am sure that they probably did.  It was just so heartbreaking to watch destruction on such a large scale...but even more heartbreaking were watching those who survived trying to find their missing loved ones.  I held my children a little tighter the next day.

But watching the actual tsunami scene reminded me of something my dad always taught me.  He taught me the main cause of death in emergency situations is panic.  When people lose their bearings and start making rash, illogical decisions, it often costs them their lives.  He would say even if you are in a burning building, you should take those precious 10 seconds to first calm your mind down and get your bearings- those 10 seconds of calm could very well save your life if you regain the ability to think clearly and make the right decisions.  Good advice indeed.

The other piece of advice my dad gave me which the tsunami reminded me of, was that if you are ever submerged in water and you lose your bearings, to blow a few air bubbles out of your mouth and watch which way they go- the air bubbles will tell which way is up.  If you follow them, you will reach the surface.

Stay calm.  Follow the bubbles.  Sounds kind of like I am reading lines from the movie Finding Nemo, right?  But it really is good advice, even for life in general.  How many times do you find yourself in a situation in your life that you did not anticipate?  We tend to get into trouble when we make decisions based on the feeling of emergency.  We react, instead of act.  When you react, you are only looking at putting out the most immediate fire, rather than taking in the whole picture.  While it may save you some hurt now, you will pay for it dearly later on when it leads you to more trouble.

So if you find yourself feeling out of control or if you are confused where you are right now, try and take some serious time to calm down.  Think of truth as your air will lead you to the right place if you follow it.  Think on the things you know to be true and let that- not your emotions or your panic- guide you and lead you.  Maybe it will lead you to stay still or maybe it will lead you to change paths, but either way you would be wise to let calm truth guide you rather than hasty emotions.

The Word of God is filled with truth.  No, you may not find a direct biblical reference to the exact problem you are facing, but you most certainly will find answers as to what thoughts you should be thinking or what actions you should or should not be taking.   These are the truths that will keep you from making decisions you will regret later on.  

One of the hardest challenges I have faced in this very difficult time is within myself.  I tend to react, dealing with everything around me as quick as I can in a feeble attempt to "fix" things.  But what I really need to to is calm down and get inside my own head and correct some of my thinking and acting.  I should remember that to keep wandering when you're lost will only get you more lost.  I need to sit down and speak some words of Truth out loud and follow where those truths lead me.

I am so very grateful that there is Someone I can follow who will always lead me in truth and who will do so with peace.   I pray that you would be able to regain your peace regardless of what you face, knowing that it is in peace and truth where you will be able to find your bearings.

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