Friday, May 10, 2013

Hot Date?

I went out on a date with my husband.  We planned on doing dinner, then the Recovery Room to watch some of the Mets game, followed by a late showing of The Great Gatsby.  It seemed really good in theory, but how it actually played out was that we went out to dinner, then to Walmart to pick up our new bed that just came in, and then we came home to set up the bed and laid down in it.  By 8:30 the babysitter was gone and we were in bed.  I'm still not sure if it was great or lame.

That's just the way things are now though.  At this stage in the game we are just too stinkin tired to be cool.  I'm ok with that.  One thing Jeff and I talked about over dinner was how overwhelmed a particular phase in life can feel...and that when you are in it, it feels like you will never get out.  Parenting young kids is just one example of this.  I feel like I have been living underground for the past 7 years and am only slowly starting to see that maybe there will be life above ground one day.  That maybe I won't be this tired forever (or maybe I will be, who knows!) and maybe I will one day do something other than change diapers and kiss boo boos.  I am by no means trying to rush this phase- I know that they grow waaaaaay too fast and I am going to miss them terribly when they decide the fly the nest.  I'm just. so. tired.

But pass it will...and with it all the memories of tiredness and hard work will pass with it.  That's the great thing about time- it has a way of removing the bad and leaving the good.  Time dulls the aches and pains and leaves us with a clearer, more pleasant view of the good things about what we went through.  Time is a very important ingredient when it comes to personal growth and maturity.  You may know the characteristics you want to develop, but there really are no short cuts.  It is the very things we go through that are not always pleasant that really refine our character and build our foundation.  Life is a crock pot, baby, so just slow down and let it happen.  Don't resist the times and the seasons, but instead do your best to walk through them with grace knowing that one day you will look back on it and have a clearer picture of what it was all for.

So for now, I will gladly go to bed earlier than my grandma.  I may be insanely tired, but not a single day is given to us to waste.  Every moment is one we are meant to live- some are more exciting than others, but all can be for a purpose.

Is this sage advice, or just the late night ramblings of a tired mama?  I will let you decide.  ;)

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