Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Let's Talk- Meet the Family

Hello!  Yesterday I dropped my two oldest kids off at the airport and sent them to Florida!  I am very excited for them, as I know they will have a wonderful time, but I also am going to miss them so much!  

Today's blog I am going to introduce you to my family and tell you a little bit about each of us.  I figured this would help put some faces to the people in my life I am always blogging about, and it also will keep me from missing my boys if I am looking at their pictures and talking about them!

Allow me to introduce my family:

This little cutie pie is David.  He is 9 months old and has big blue eyes.  He is a very sweet, easy baby but he also is very focused.  He is always ready to go go go, and seems to have a very decisive personality.  Everyone loves holding him and kissing him.

This little peanut is Ryza, and she is almost 2 years old.  She is very tiny and petite, but what she lacks in size she makes up for in personality.  She is incredibly social once she decides she likes you.  She is fun-loving, active, smart, and can fill the whole day with her personality.  She is the family pet- everyone dotes on her!

This little clown is Johnny.  He is a blonde hair, blue-eyed 3 year old.  He is very affectionate and very emotional.  He feels life to the fullest, and loves to laugh and make others laugh.  He is a true clown.  He also has a strong sense of justice, and comes in to cuddle with me every single night.

This little princess is Natalie.  She is a very quiet 4 year old, but once she is comfortable with you she will talk your ear off.  She is quiet and sedate, but very clever.  She watches and listens, and makes her moves in a very calculated way.  She loves to sing and be a princess.  She does things in her own time, and will not be rushed...and as such, she gives her affection sparingly, making all the sweeter when she does.

This is my special Joey.  He is 5 years old and an absolute joy, and I am better for knowing him.  He is unique, and everything he does is done his own way.  Nothing he does makes sense until you enter his world- and then you realize that he is incredibly smart and thinks of things that most don't.  He is fair and compassionate, and only needs to be told something one time before it's locked into his brain forever.  He is silly and serious, and everyone who meets him feels instantly drawn to him.

This is Anthony.  He is almost 7 years old and is my first born.  He is a model in all things.  He is smart, funny, kind, and out-going.  He loves people, reading, and is always trying to improve himself.  He is incredibly smart, and is currently using a 3rd grade curriculum.  He loves to read his Bible and has a simple love and devotion to the Lord and his family.  He is a great athlete and excels at everything he sets his mind to.  He parents the other kids, both disciplining and teaching them all the while showing them the utmost love and care.  He is a wonderful boy.

This is Jeff, the love of my life.  He is 33 and is my best friend.  He is incredibly smart, and never stops working to be a better man.  He reads his Bible every single day, no matter how busy or tired he is.  His prayer life astounds me, and he practices what he preaches whether or not anyone is there to see it.  He loves Jesus more than anything, and serves Him wholeheartedly.  He is an amazing husband who looks out for my needs above his own, and who is active in the raising and caring for our kids.  Despite his stoic demeanor, he is actually quite funny.  I have grown and become a better Christian, wife, and mother because of his love and example in my life.  He is a man worth following.

And this is me.  But we have already met. ;)

So this is my amazing family.  I cannot believe how blessed I am.  The goodness of the Lord astounds me every day.  Thank you for letting me introduce you to my family- they are an incredible bunch.

I hope you have a great week, and remember- this Friday my husband will be sharing from his heart.  I am so looking forward to it, and I know I will be both challenged and encouraged by whatever he has to say.  And then on Tuesday, I will be sharing the interview with Jeff- all the things you want to know about a man with 6 kids!

Can't wait!

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  1. Ryza and Zoe sound very similar! I would love to get our kids together and have them all play together! they would have a blast!!!