Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Let's Talk- Give-Away!!

Hello!  Yes, I realize that I already told you that I am doing another give-away, but you'll have to wait until the end of this post to get to that!

So last week I talked about some of my favorite things that help me in my daily life, but this week I am going to talk about the things I have had that I found to be not worth the money.  Disclaimer: these are things that I personally did not feel a need for, but you may find the opposite so as always, I would say to do whatever works for you!

-Changing Table
This seems like a nice idea- a separate little table to change your baby, along with handy little shelves for your diapers, wipes, butt cream, etc.  I found this to be a kind of a waste.  First of all, I did not always feel like bringing baby to whatever room the changing table was in and second, kids learn to walk and climb before they learn to use the potty- that means that you are bound to find little Junior covered head to toe in that butt cream, and let me tell you, that stuff is a pain to clean off.  I prefer to change baby wherever I happen to be. If the thought of having your carpet double as a butt cleaning station bothers you, let me assure you that you will experience far more disgusting things with your kids than that.

Ok, I'm only shooting this out there to preggos...I just want you to know that you do not NEED a crib for quite some time.  Several of my kids spent their first couple months sleeping in their car seats, and then moving up to a pack-n-play.  Cribs are not really needed until they outgrow the pack-in-play, which can be as late as 2 years old.  I guess what I am saying is that pack-n-plays are smaller, cheaper, and more portable, so if money or space is an issue, you will be fine for quite a while with no crib.

I hate dressers for kids.  Maybe it's just because I have so many kids, or maybe my kids are just extra destructive, but I much prefer those plastic 3-drawer bins.  Not because they are more sturdy, but because they are more easy to replace then an actual dresser.  I have given dressers a go a couple of times, and each time they were climbed on or treated roughly and ended up breaking.  That said, if you can afford a really nice, solid wood dresser then maybe you will be better off than I was.  I finally gave my son a dresser just a week ago (he is almost 7) and I'm still up in the air if it was a good choice or not.  For the past many years I have used and loved those plastic bins for all my kids.  My philosophy on surviving these early kid years is to exert the least amount of time, money, and energy on things that don't really matter in the long run.

-Separate rooms
This is totally up to your living accommodations, so if you have the rooms then by all means feel free to divvy them up, but know that it's not necessary.  In the early years, it is very hard to have kids in the same room without waking each other up, so you may have to do some finagling in the beginning, but it really does work.  I have 4 boys in one room, ages 9 months-7 years old, and 2 girls in the other room, ages 2 and 4.  The baby sleeps in a pack-n-play and the other boys are on bunk beds.  Honestly, there is rarely ever an issue with someone waking someone else up and the main reason is that they get used to each other.  The kids are used to baby cries so it doesn't phase them, and the baby is used to hearing big kid noises, so he isn't disturbed by it.

-Kiddie potty
I have used a kiddie potty before and I hated it.  It was annoying to have to clean it out every time, and even more annoying to worry about little baby brother or sister getting into it or dismantling it.  I much prefer they just use the regular potty.  My 3 years old gets the step stool and sits right on the big potty seat.  I find that kids will adapt to whatever scenario you give them, so my theory is why not teach them from the beginning to do it in the most convenient way?  If your kid is scared, you can always use those little donut rings that they can just put right on the potty seat...they can put it on before they go and take it down when they're done.

-Little gadgets, tools, etc.
I just got so sick of having a house full of barely used crap!  You can have a baby right now and all you REALLY need to go and get is a car seat, pack-n-play and some diapers.  Then you're good for about 2 years.  Yes, there are some things that really help along the way (like bouncy seats and strollers), but for the most part companies are taking advantage of a HUGE market.  Like the baby bullet- yea, it's adorable, but it's just a mini food processor like the one you probably already have.

Again, I am not discouraging you from ANY of this...I only want to point out that if you are not into spending heaps of money or of having your house be taken over my itty-bitty everythings, then rest assured that you can raise your kids just fine by doing whatever works. :)

Ok, now on the the give-away...I am giving away a $25 gift card to Amazon!  Amazon is cool because you can buy anything from shoes to mp3 tracks, all without leaving your house.  I appreciate you all so much for your amazing feedback and support of this blog.  Last week you all made by blog far surpass the 10,000 hit mark, and I would like to say thank you!

Last time I did a give-away, I picked the winner out of all the people who commented on the blog post.  However, in order to comment, you need a Google plus account, which was annoying.  So this time, I will be picking the winner from the list of anyone who "shares" this blog on facebook.  The key is, you have to go on today's facebook post and then click "share" underneath it.  Facebook keeps track of all the "shares", so it will be very easy to pick a winner from that list...also, I think most of you have facebook, so there are no annoying accounts to create!

I will be announcing the winner next Tuesday, so you have today's post or Friday's post to share in order to be entered (you can share either today's post or Friday's post- or both, which will increase your odds of winning!).

Again, thank you all for your support and I look forward to seeing who the winner is!

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