Friday, March 8, 2013

Welcome Home

I woke up this morning and knew exactly where I was...I was home.

Our move into the new house yesterday went wonderfully.  We had a lot of help from friends and family, and everything went smoothly and in fact, I am almost all unpacked.  This house is even more amazing than I realized.  The space is abundant and our furniture fits perfectly.  The kids are in awe.  And so are Jeff and I.

My heart it just so full right now.  A lot of my walk with the Lord has not been easy, but then there are the times like this when patience meets is reward.  The times where you do not have rely on faith in His goodness, because it is tangible.  The times where there is no lesson to be learned, no hidden meaning to be found, and no petition need be made- He simply blesses you.  This house was made for us.  And God did not let us settle along the way out of desperation...He withheld His peace until His timing brought us to our home.

I also saw yet again just how blessed I am in family and friends.  While this difficult time in our lives has left us lonely, we are most definitly not alone.  Friends and family gave us gifts, sacrificed their entire day to move us into our house, and Jen watched ALL SIX of my kids for almost 8 hours yesterday so I could just focus on moving.  Yea, I'm most definitly not alone.  I have people in my life that through actions, love, and prayer are holding me and Jeff's hands up as we fight through this season in our life.  God does not bring you to a battle without providing the means to see victory.

Today is a victory.

As I said before, I know that things may not just suddenly all get better.  I am still in poor health and things are still challenging...but this is one of those rare moments in life where I feel nothing but gratitude.  Maybe my health will not return, maybe this house will be a money pit, maybe the car will break down...but today none of it matters.  I am going to sit back and bathe in this incredible moment in time when nothing can stand between me and the contentment I feel as God wraps His arms around my family.

Today, my heart and mind have room only for thankfulness.

Today, I am home.

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  1. Awesome post! Your house is lovely... I just have one thing to say... 2 n's in Jenn :)