Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Let's Talk Pictures!!

Hello!!  I have officially been living at my house for 5 days now, and it is AMAZING!  I love everything about this house.  My pictures took a million years to upload, so by the time I got them on to this blog I just didn't have the energy to tweak them...so that means they are kind of random looking and not organized!  I'm so excited to show you my new house.  Thank you for all the support!

Looking into the living room from dining room
Standing in the corner on the fireplace looking in living room
Another view of living room/fireplace
Living room..sliding door to deck/backyard

Boys room
Boys room

Hallway at top of stairs

Girls room
Girl's room
Girl's room

My glorious kitchen

Me and Jeffy's bedroom
What you can't see, is that to my back there is a whole wall of closets- we have 3 huge closets on our bedroom...yay!

School room
School room

Mud room- this is as soon as you walk in the first door to our house
Laundry room and pantry, right in the kitchen

Dining room
Dining room
View from dining room
2 Garages
The House

The back deck and backyard (the yard goes out to the side and in front of the deck)..there is also a creek running behind our house.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them.  The only picture I did not upload was the one of the bathroom, which is a shame because I love the bathroom!!  haha  It really is very pretty.  I am so excited and so blessed with this house- it is everything I wanted in a house and more.  Hope you all have a wonderful week, and thank you for sharing in my journey with me.

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  1. It's def my fav house you've lived in so far!!!!