Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Let's Talk- Are they all yours?

So last week was a mish-mash of topics, and today is going to be the same.  I just don't have the brain power to categorize my questions right now, haha.  But instead of seeing it as a short coming, let's look at the positives- variety can be fun!

1) So- how was closing?
Easy peasy.  Seriously, it was nothing.  I mean, I was a bundle of nerves because I was certain that SOMETHING would go wrong...missing papers, missing signatures, a meteorite hitting the building, etc.  I had that same feeling the night before my wedding- I was certain that there was no way I was going to wake up and get married.  I thought there was going to be some worldwide catastrophe that would cause the wedding to be called off.  I'm quite the optimist, lol.  I guess I just get scared when something I really want is on the line.  But it really was easy, we sat for about 45 minutes while the lawyers made sure they had all the papers in order.  They gave us papers, we signed papers, we talked about the papers...it seems a whole forest had to be lost for us to buy a house!

In all honesty, this was a very quick, very easy process (although I know that is not always the case).  In fact, it would have been perfect if the lawyer never even mentioned to us that the sellers were in bankruptcy (that was the glitch that came up that could have stopped us from buying the house).  It also was a little different for us, because we really needed to move fast since our current living situation has us bursting at the seems.  So when the lawyer said he would call back about something, I would be on pins and needles waiting for the call, anxious to get the whole process done so we can move and be comfortable.  All in all, it took about 6 or 7 weeks from when we first saw the house to when we closed on it.  We are moving in thursday and I can't wait!  Pictures will soon follow.

2) Have you been homeschooling during this time?
No.  There were several reasons I have not been doing school this last month.  First, it has been very hectic and crazy, and the house is in complete chaos and disarray with getting ready to move.  Second, Anthony finished 1st grade about a month and a half ago.  We do not take off 3 months in the summer, but instead we stagger school throughout the year, taking breaks as needed.  That is not to say that I do nothing- I give Anthony worksheets several times a week when he is on break so that he does not forget what he learned.  I just ordered his new curriculum we will hopefully be starting soon.  I am still going to teach him math using Abeka, but the other subjects we are going to give Switched On Schoolhouse (SOS) a try.  It is computer based and more independent.  I am able to regulate his lesson plans through the computer, and then he sits at his desk and goes through his daily lessons, tests, quizzes and assignments on the computer.  It keeps track of his assignments and grades, creates report cards, and sends me messages and updates on how he is doing.  I still want to be an active educator in his schooling, but with my health I am just not able to teach every subject.  Abeka is a very strong curriculum, and that is why I am going to keep using it for math...and because I don't like the idea of him learning math on a computer.  So I will let you know in the upcoming months what I think about SOS.  (It's also the curriculum that the Duggar Family uses...that was a plus for me!)

3) How have you been feeling?
So many of you ask me this and I know you truly care and have been praying for me- and I want you to know I truly, truly appreciate it.  I wish I could say I was doing well, but I am not.  New medication is being called in for me to start soon.  I know that stress and overworking definitly make things worse, so I am looking forward to just being settled in the house.  It will also give me a chance to have control over my diet and try yoga, so I can see if that will help.  The pain is very real and it is a constant battle to not let it overtake me.  There are times where I can feel myself becoming very irritable and I am short tempered...and that I really don't like.  It's a daily fight to keep my temperament up- pain is the first thing to greet me every morning, and unless I take something, it is the thing that keeps me up all night.  It is my new constant companion, and it is taking me quite a bit of time to learn how to bear it with grace and a Christ-pleasing attitude.  Some days I really try to- others, not so much.  I don't really know what else to say, other than I covet your prayers and I really do believe the Lord is good and faithful.

4) Are they all yours?
Ok, so this isn't really a great blog question, but I did get asked it quite a few times this week!  I took all the kids grocery shopping this past week.  It has been a little while since I have done that, and I forgot all the comments I get when I do!  I didn't even have my quad stroller with me, but it still worked.  I put 4 kids in one cart that I pushed, and my 2 older boys walked and pushed the food cart.  We shop with the "3 warning" rule- if you accumulate 3 warnings on our trip, you do not get a treat.  It is very hard to stick to this, and I think I have only had to actually do that one or two times- it's a hard lesson, but one that they tend to remember if you follow through with it. 

The next time we chat I will be living in my new home.  I am exhausted, stressed, excited and more than ready.  Not sure if this is just a part of the current path, or if this begins a new chapter- but wherever it leads I look forward to sharing the experience with you.  

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  1. I have used Yoga and Pilates just as an FYI. I have less pain when I do Pilates but whatever you do - modify as needed - for sure. I am told Tai Chi is even more strengthening for the fibro but haven't done that for a variety of reasons. Good luck w/the exercise :)