Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Let's Talk- Hubby and I

Happy New Year!  Well, looks like the world didn’t end in 2012, so I guess we still have some work to do here on earth.  I am excited to say that a winner for the give-a-way has been chosen, but you have to wait till the end of this post to find out who it is!  hehe

With the New Year comes a minor change to my blog- Tuesday’s are going to be called “Let’s Talk”.  I decided that adding any more letters to my already kinda long acronym would be lame, yet my Tuesday posts have been taking on a life of their own and are no longer just Q&A or tidbits.  In the upcoming year Tuesdays will be open to a whole variety of things, from interviews to Q&A to give-a-ways to special guest contributors.  Hopefully, this will put name changing to a rest, haha.  
So, on that note, let’s talk...

In two days I will be celebrating my 9th wedding anniversary, so today I will be answering some questions about Jeff and I.  I have recently been made aware that there are people reading this blog who I do not know personally (crazy!), so I thought this may be a good time for a little background info on us. :)

1) Where did you and Jeff meet?
Jeff and I met at Zion Bible Institute (now known as North Point Bible College).  We actually came as freshmen together and were in the same class until we graduated.

2) Did you like each other right away?
No, haha.  It’s not that we didn’t like each other, it’s just that we were not really that close in the beginning.  I was actually seeing someone else, and he had just given his life to the Lord and had come out of a hard lifestyle.  Also, I was a bit dorky and he was a bit intense...we just didn’t have that kind of interaction our freshman year.  It wasn’t until our second year at Zion that we really got to know one another and have feelings for each other.

3) How did you end up dating? How long did you date before you got married?
When we first met as freshmen, we were more acquaintances than friends.  I knew enough about him to know that I respected him, but we weren’t much more than casual friends.  We did however have a close mutual friend- Nathan Kollar was one of my closest friends, and he was also one of Jeff’s closest friends, so it was because of that mutual friendship that we had a foundation of respect laid for one another.  It wasn’t until our second year at Zion that we began to talk a lot and get close.  Two months into our second year Jeff asked me to start a relationship.  The day after we began our relationship I knew this was the man I was going to marry.  We were engaged 6 months later and married 8 months after that.

4) When did you start having kids?
We didn’t even really talk about or consider kids in the beginning, but when God spoke to us and put in on our hearts to start a family, it was 9 months into our marriage.  I came off birth control and got pregnant for the first time after we had been married for about 15 months, but then we had a miscarriage.  It took some months before we got pregnant again. Our first child was born 2 1/2 years into our marriage.

5) What is your favorite thing about him?
There are seriously so many things I love about him.  But I definitly know what my favorite thing is.  Jeff is my rock- I have complete trust in his love and commitment to me.  He has made me feel so secure in his love for me that I never worry if I am enough for him.  I never have doubts or insecurities about how he feels about me.  A woman's deepest need is to feel that she is truly desired for who she really is- that she is enough...and Jeff makes me know that I am every single day.  No matter how crazy I feel on the inside, he is my anchor to all things true.  This goes hand in hand with his devotion to the Lord.  His commitment to Jesus and the Word is astounding.  I am a better person because of his example in my life.

Ok, now for the part Im sure you have been waiting for (or just scrolled down to see)!  I have to say that this give-a-way certainly drummed up some attention....this was one of the highest viewed weeks my blog has ever had.  Not that many people participated, and I understand...in fact, as I was typing the post I thought to myself “if I was reading this I probably wouldn’t feel like creating an account just to comment”, lol.  I know it’s a pain, but I couldn’t think of any other way to do a give-a-way.  So until the day comes that I have a fancy shmancy new website, this will have to do!

So, I am happy to announce that through random selection, comment #2 is the winner!     So, Nomadic Heart, please e-mail me your address at artyler@mail.com so I can send you your $25 Target gift card! 

Thank you all so much for all the support you have given to me and my writing.  Seeing the comments you left about my previous posts was so uplifting.  You are all supporting me as I do something I not only love, but have always wanted to do in some way, which is writing.  

Happy New Year to you, and may this year be the best one yet. 

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