Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Let's Talk- A Few of My Favorite Things

Hello everyone!  I'm feeling a little light and fun right now, so I'm gonna have a some fun today and just do a favorite list of silly stuff!


Color: red

Spices: garlic and cinnamon (not together though, lol)

Dinner (homemade): Chicken cutlets or Chicken Cordon Blue

Love Song: Lady In Red

Novel: Little Women

Bible Character: Joseph (the one with the coat) and Abagail (King David's wife, formerly Nabal's wife)

Bible Verse: Job 13:15, John 9:25, Proverbs 31:17,25

Food: bread and candy

Brand of Diapers: Luvs

Candy: Jujubees

Fruit: Watermelon (when really in season)

Ice Cream: Mint choc chip (preferable with choc sprinkles!)

Ok, you're turn!  Pick a few of the favorites from my list and tell what YOUR favorites are!  I especially want to know your favorite spices and favorite Bible character, but by all means pick whatever ones you want!

So let's talk...what are a few of your favorite things?


  1. My Favorites :)
    Color: Yellow
    Flower: Daisies
    Spice: Hmm... Depends on what I'm cooking. I tend to use a lot of different spices. I think I use Italian seasoning and Garlic the most, but I love fresh spices like mint, thyme, and parsley!
    Favorite Bible Characters: Joshua (Let's go out and conquer the land), Jeremiah (didn't give up declaring God's word even when God told him that the people were going to reject him), Elijah (mocking and slaying the prophets of Baal, knowing God was going to show up, yeah that's the kind of Faith I want!)

  2. Omg my favorite ice cream is also mint chocolate chip. Favorite color; Purple; favorite spice: hmmmm there are so many, I'm going to have to go with cinnamen and cumin (I love mexican flavors). Bible character: this is a tough one for me because so many characters had good and bad traits...I'm going to have to say David. He was really honest with God about all he was feeling and even in failure he was humble enough ti repent and except the consequences.

  3. I like dark purple, jade roses, curry, lasagna, redeeming love by francine rivers & the great gatsby, Ruth, Isaiah 40:21-31, Cheesecake, Luvs, Rolos/Reeses/LindtTruffles/AlmondJoy (that was hard!), pineapple, haagan dazs spiced peach crumble.

  4. My favorite things: chocolate, coffee, jewel tones are my favorite colors I love them rich and deep, I love daffodils and anything fragrant, and I love cats. I have always respected Esther, she was wise and brave, and dared to do what was right regardless of the outcome.

    oh yeah, I love fruit pie. almost any flavor...the berrier the better.

  5. I loved hearing about your favorites...thanks for sharing with me!! I think that knowing someone's favorites kind of gives you a glimpse into who they are. If you read between the lines, some things can really clue you in to certain things about a person. And other stuff is just fun to know! Thanks for sharing guys, it was a lot of fun reading your favs!!!