Friday, January 4, 2013

All In

I must warn you before you read this that nothing has changed yet and this post is like so many other posts of mine.  I feel something coming though...and believe me, when it is time, I will post about the blessing.  But for now, here is my heart.

19 years ago I was offered a seat at the table and I decided to go all in.  I decided to give my heart, my soul, my life, and my everything to Jesus.  These past couple of years though, I feel like I have lost quite a few hands.  It has made me feel so very lost and so very far from the path I thought I was supposed to be on.  
And yet I am amazed by how often I genuinely see trials and challenges as bumps in the road.  Detours on my path.  Something that takes me away from where I really should be.

What if there really was no detour?  What if the difficulties that are taking me off my path are actually just as much a part of the path?  

So am I saying that God causes these bad thing to happen?  Who am I to even answer that...I am not even going to begin to try and tap into the vastness of His wisdom and sovereignty.  This life is a complex mixture of free will and Divine intervention, and to try and figure it out is like trying to count the sand on the beach.  It’s just bigger than me and you.  But that doesn’t mean you throw your hands up in confusion...oh no.  We have enough solid ground to stand on from the Word in regards to His love, His sovereignty, His faithfulness, His goodness, His love, His promises...and on I could go.  Please don’t fall into the trap of assuming that someone must pay for the hardships in your life.  I can assure you, He has paid more than the price for your life.

Listen to me- hard things are going to happen.  Your first mistake will be to see them as a detour, rather than the actual path.  We have something inside us that immediately tries to make sense when something bad comes our way.  We talk about it, analyze it, try to fix it, walk around it...but did you ever stop and think that maybe it’s just a part of your walk?  We are given both sun and rain, and they each have their purpose.  Some times hindsight will let you see why these things came your way, but other times we will never know on this side of heaven the answer to our “why”.  

“She girds herself with strength and makes her arms strong”  Proverbs 31:17.  Powerful verse.  Strong arms.  Sometimes that is what it takes.  Sometimes your heart breaks and your spirit is down and you’re drenched in rain.  You know what you do?  You strengthen your arms and use them to grab hold of the only things that matter and you keep walking.  You keep walking.  You hold on, and you keep walking.
Don’t be afraid of putting your heart and soul into this walk. I know sometimes you get dealt a great hand, and other times all you’ve got is a pair of deuces...but don’t let that stop you from going all in.  And don’t be afraid of losing- because you will, or at least it will seem that way.  Be afraid of not playing.  Be afraid of cashing in.  I may lose some battles along the way, but remember friends, this war is already won.  
I’m still all in.

And don’t ever forget- you’ve got a King up your sleeve.  Play it well. 


  1. You are right on target. Joyce Meyer has said for years that everything that happens in your life has to get permission from God first. It has to pass by the Throne before it is permitted on your path. Not that God "causes" these things like some sort of capricious puppeteer, but He is conforming us into the likeness of Jesus through the pressure and the trials.

    Every trial is an opportunity to practice patience, or perseverance, or joy in spite of circumstance. "Count it all joy..."

    Good work, Ashley!

  2. Wow Ash that last line just made me laugh out loud! The whole thing made me consider something new as well. Something that's been rolling around in my brain lately... Once it finishes perculating I'll tell you about it! Thanks for your honesty and encouragement... You are truly a great example of being All in! :)