Thursday, December 20, 2012

O Night Divine

I can’t help but feel like I should be writing about the Newtown tragedy.  I mean, not only am I feeling a lot about it, but it feels wrong somehow not to write about I owe them that much.  

But what could I possibly say that hasn’t already been said?

I could talk about the intense grief that I felt and still feel.  About how there is a line that evil is not supposed to cross...and yet it got crossed.  I could talk about how heartbroken those parents must feel and how their lives will never, ever be the same again.

I could talk about the gun control debate and whether or not I think there should be tighter gun laws.  I could talk about the second amendment versus the rights of citizens to feel safe from dangerous weapons getting into the wrong hands.  Or about where you draw the line between a person’s right to be armed and certain kinds of weapons being available to people with their own agenda of hate.

Or I could talk about mental illness and what our responsibility as a nation is in this regard.  I could ask if we are doing enough and providing enough resources to the mentally ill and their families so that they have a place to turn to if they feel there are signs of danger.  

How about personal responsibility?  Our responsibility to teach our children right from wrong.  Our responsibility as parents to provide a stable home life centered around Biblical standards.  Our responsibility to love and discipline and guard our children’s hearts and minds from the evil influences in our culture. Our responsibility as a nation to teach the sanctity of life, while denouncing violence in the media and the entertainment industry.

I could talk about all that...but it’s been done already.

And quite frankly, I am tired of talking.

Christmas is a few days away and while this tragedy seems so fresh and so new, the truth is, the birth we are about to celebrate was also punctuated by terrible tragedy.  Right after Jesus was born the king had all the baby boys under the age of two killed...because he feared the true King.  I can still hear the mothers’ cries two thousand years later.

The king feared Christ.  He feared losing his fragile hold of power.  I think that is what we are seeing more of today than anything else.  People are so lost that they are clinging to any sense of control, no matter how feeble it is.  Abortion disguised as power.  Feminism disguised as freedom.  Gay marriage disguised as love.  Spiritual adultery disguised as tolerance.  And saddest of all, the loss of eternal security disguised as the ultimate enlightenment.

You can convince your mind but never your heart.  Deep in the recesses of peoples hearts lies a terrible, terrible fear and sadness...and this is the very reason why there was a baby in a manger.

“Long lay the world in sin and error pining, till He appeared and the soul felt it’s worth. A thrill of hope, the weary soul rejoices...”

I pray that this weary world will find its peace in Him.

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