Friday, November 9, 2012

True North

Well it’s the Friday after election, so I am assuming you are hoping I have something to say about it.  Sorry to burst any bubbles, but I really don’t have much to say.  The truth is, nothing has really changed.

Yes, I am grieved at things I see happening.  And yes I am concerned about the things I foresee happening in the future. But if it’s one thing I have learned from my time in the desert it’s this: if you take your eyes off of True North, you’ll get lost.

I may be in a crazy, difficult time in my life but I am not lost.  This country may be going downhill, but I am not lost. Things may start spiraling out of control...but that doesn’t mean you have to be lost.  Look, I know the elections were intense...I was nervous the week before, and stayed up late watching as the results came in.  I had my moments of anger and sadness.  But now we move on.

When I say nothing has changed, I am referring to our mission in life.  I was called to serve Christ and reach the lost before the presidential election.  I am called to serve Christ and reach the lost after the election.  Take stock of where you are at...many people were quite active leading up to the election, but what about before?  What about after?  Have you gone back to your normal routine of just living your life?  

The big events usually draw a crowd, but it is the smaller daily events that really matter.  I know at our church we currently cannot even run our children’s programs adequately because we do not have enough teacher’s and helpers.  We can all rise up for a week to pray and demand that this country start honoring God, but can we rise up from our lives to pray, serve, and honor God daily?  

Yes, it would have been easier if we had a president in office that upheld Biblical standards.  But that doesn’t change your or my personal responsibility in our service to the Lord.  

I hear- and have said- many things politically and I wonder how much of what I have said is flowing from my brain rather than my heart.  Do you feel that this government give out too many handouts and people have an entitlement attitude?  Watch that you don’t have a bitter grudge against those very people that you are called to love and win for Christ.  Think that women shouldn’t be going around having sex and then demanding abortions?  Be careful that you don’t throw the first stone at the one that Jesus died for.  Think all illegal immigrants should be denied gov’t programs until they come over the right way?  Just don’t forget that the King gave you everything He had when you were still foreign to Him.

I am not saying you should not have opinions or that our country should not have standards...but I am cautioning you to remember that you are a servant of Christ before you are anything else.  And He gave His life for you, and for me, and so that all may be united to Him.  You want to fight back against the immorality in this world?  Then pray. Fast.  Serve. Love. Love your neighbor as yourself...all your neighbors, not just the ones who believe as you do- ESPECIALLY not just the ones who believe as you do. Don’t let your politics come before your Christianity.

Come on now, let’s get back to what it’s all about...we’ve got things to do.

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