Friday, October 19, 2012

For Frodo

I have a confession to make.  I wrote the blog for today and I am not publishing it.  I wrote in depth about my medical condition but I am just not ready to share it yet.  I am not talking about the facts of my condition, which a lot of you know- I am talking about how I feel about it.  What it does to me on the inside.  It’s just too personal and I am not ready to go there just yet.  One day I will...I’m just not ready right now.

But there is one aspect of it that I do want to talk about today: fear.  Fear is the enemy that many people do not know they have.  Fear can cause us to hide our true selves. Fear can cause us to give up before we even try.  Fear can keep us complacent.  

“There is nothing to fear but fear itself.” -FDR  This is very, very true.  When you break down your fear and you take a hard look at what it is that is keeping you hostage, you will realize that the fear itself is the worst offender.  You can deal with the consequences of pursuing the fight...but you can never deal with the fight from the sidelines.  

If I haven’t mentioned it before, let me just tell you that I love movies.  I love to sit and just watch a good movie.  One movie I really like is The Lord of the Rings trilogy.  There is a scene from The Return of the King that illustrates my point very well.  This is the third movie in the trilogy, and the end is near.  Frodo and Sam have finally come to the end of their journey and the only thing standing between them and their final destination is an entire army of foul creatures.  They are unable to pass without being seen, so the men of the country unite in one final attempt to help Sam and Frodo...they decide to storm the gates and draw the army out to fight, thus giving Frodo and Sam a chance to cross the land undetected.  The problem is, the men were so outnumbered by the army that victory was impossible.  And yet they fought.

The scene in the movie was very moving.  The men charged into a battle they knew they would lose...all in hopes of a greater victory.  The worst thing that could happen to them was death- and they did not fear that.  Because they did not fear the worst, they were able to perform at their best.  Victory was theirs before the battle even began.

I encourage you enter the fight.  I encourage you to face the things which keep you from moving forward.  Victory does not always mean winning the fight...victory is a state of the soul.  Victory is something you achieve inside before you even step up to the battle.  The fight is not about the issue at hand, but about who you are going to choose to be.  Maybe that is what you are afraid of.  Maybe you are really afraid that you don’t have what it takes.  Let me remind you that you can lose and still win.  That the sincere pursuit of victory is in itself the victory.  The only way to lose is to not play. You truly have nothing to fear.
But what if I lose?  Yea...but what if you win?  
Let’s roll, friends.


  1. I love the Lord of the RIngs! My favorite! Great Illustration!

  2. Very thought provoking....I have to read it again. =)