Friday, October 5, 2012

A Drip in the Desert

I am writing to you from Niagara Falls!  Me, Jeff, and our six kids are all in Niagara Falls, enjoying the blessings of friendship and rest.  But we almost didn’t make it here.

I have been having a very difficult few weeks physically.  I know I said I will discuss my medical problems in another blog- well this isn’t that blog.  For now, let me just say that I have a condition that flares up every few months and makes my life miserable.  This has been one of the longest stretches, and I spent four straight days in bed before we left for this trip.  We almost didn’t come here, because we didn’t want to make things worse...but I just could not sacrifice this trip.  It means too much to me.

A couple of months ago I was talking to an old friend of mine from Zion Bible College.  She and her husband are very dear to Jeff and was because of this friend that the door to our hearts were opened regarding having children.  I am eternally indebted to her for speaking truth and shining light in an area of my life I didn’t know was dark.  Anyway, she was ministering to me over the phone, knowing how difficult these past couple of years have been, and she suggested that we come out to her house in Niagara Falls for a visit so we could get away for a while.

I know what you’re thinking- I thought it too at first.  How on earth would it work, bringing our three-ring circus to their house in addition to the four kids they themselves have.  But the more I thought about it, the better it sounded and felt.  We are all very like-minded.  We have similar parenting styles, similar beliefs, and similar ways of conducting our lives.  And they offered themselves to us- it was a chance to be ministered to.

We have been here 2 days so far and it has been the most peaceful 2 days I have had in a long, long time.  We were greeted with gift baskets and the house set up to not only to accommodate all of us, but any extra you could think of to make our stay comfortable.    We have not had to do or buy anything.  And you would think that a house with 10 kids under the age of 7 would be crazy, but it has been just the opposite.  Our parenting has been like an ideal tag-team.  We simply act like mothers to any child that is near us.  And in the evenings, we gather in the living room while they allow our family to join in on their evening Bible reading. We have literally been able to just relax in the godly comfort of this home. 

Now I personally have a hard time with receiving.  I would rather have a debt to pay then to simply receive a gift.  With a debt, I know I can pay it off.  WIth a gift, I always feel indebted.  It is the same with asking for help...I never do it.  I hate that my husband has to run the house while I am sick.  I have people who always tell me to call them for help when I am sick and I never do.  I never want to owe, especially when I am unsure that I can pay it back.  But this time around I asked for help...and I received it.  And it blessed me.  Yes, I have to battle my feelings of owing people, but that is something I need to learn to get over.  And you need to get over it too.  The body of Christ is supposed to work like this.  We are supposed to work together to help one another finish this journey.  It’s ok to receive help.  It’s ok to need to lean on your brothers and sisters.  Today, I need the help; tomorrow, I may be the one helping.

I am telling you all of this because I want to convey to you just how wonderful it feels to allow yourself to get a drip of water when you are in the desert. We are not staying here at our friends’ house forever.  We are leaving Sunday and then we will return to our difficult, confusing, and stressful life.  In the scope of the past 2 years, this is barely a blip on the radar...but I need you to know that a drip is all you need to keep going.  It may be years before you get to dive in the rivers and drink your fill, but you will get just what you need along the way to carry you until you get the next drip of water.  I want to encourage you to keep your eyes open for these drips in your life and be encouraged when they come.  No, it may not be the end of your time in the desert, but it will give you what you need to keep going just a little bit longer.

He will not let you die in the desert.  He will not stand by and watch you hunger and thirst.  It may look that way and it may feel that way, but it is not actually that way.  If you choose to keep walking and you choose to keep trusting and you choose to keep believing, then you will get just what you need, just when you need it.  So don’t give up.  Take the drip of water, give a prayer of thanks, and keep walking.

You never know...the Promise might be right around the corner.  

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