Sunday, June 5, 2011

Birth Story

I gave birth to my 5th child 3 weeks ago, and here was the story I wrote about it the day after having her:

I almost don't even know where to begin with this! There are so many aspects of this pregnancy and birth that have been unlike all my others. I guess I will just tell the labor story and see where things go. :)

Well as most of you know, I was due April 28th. It seems after having her that perhaps that date was a little off, but in any case this pregnancy was over 40 weeks. This was new territory for me, as I have never reached my due date before. So these past few weeks had been very challenging...I kept feeling like things were happening, but something just would not click. Much like my season in life right now, I felt the strong message was to simply wait. It got very hard, and an induction was something I could have had at any time...but I really felt like I needed to wait. It was more than just waiting for labor to was symbolic of waiting on God both for this birth and for what He is doing in our lives. And so I waited.

At midnight last night while trying to fall asleep, I had a contraction...and I instantly knew that this was it. I just knew. I busied myself waiting for Jeff to come home from work, and when he go home a little after 1am I told him to shower and get some sleep because I was in labor. The poor guy didn't really get a chance to sleep because things were going very smoothly and at 3am we left for the hospital.

We arrived a little after 3:30am and I was 4-5cm dilated. I should mention at this point that I was planning on an all natural, drug free birth...another first for me. I don't like pain, and I have had an epidural with all my other kids. I have always wanted a natural birth, but really never put the effort into it...I basically would quit before I started. And when it comes to labor (and life), the greatest part of the battle is in your head. But this time I prepared...I read birth stories, hounded people I knew who had natural births (thank you Emily Peters for tirelessly answering my endless questions!), and basically did everything I could to keep my mind focused.

For the record, my midwife and the staff here at Bellveau Women's Center were amazing...they really respected me and let me do what I wanted. They kept the lights low, the music on, and did not disturb me at all. I spent most of the time in the Jacuzzi, which helped a lot. I basically turned inward, ignoring Jeff and all the things I told him he would have to do to help me! lol I just went with it, and less than 3 hours later my body took over and pushed her out. She came out with one push, but I guess that's what happens when it's your 5th. :)

All in all the experience was amazing! The last 20 minutes were very tough, and I was wondering why I ever decided to have a natural birth. This is known as transition, and happens shortly before it's time to push. But out she came, and I feel like a warrior. I waited, I went with it when it was time, and I faced the biggest wall of my life...and scaled it. And out of it came new and beautiful life.

Ryza Faith Tyler was born on May 15th at 6:17am weighing 9 lbs even and was 20.5 inches long. Praise be to the Lord!

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  1. Natural birth is so great. God made our bodies to know what they're doing and when, so that things happen right on time. It's not easy but it is something to be proud of. Ryza is a beautiful name and a beautiful girl.