Sunday, April 11, 2010

Day 29-35

I will wake up tomorrow and it will be Monday...and then my fast ends Friday. Amazing! In just 5 more days I will have completed a 40 day fast. It is something I have always wanted to do but I never actually had a plan to do it. I think I always just assumed I would do it "one day." I know that God has sustained me...this truly was a "God thing." He gave me peace and sustained me, all the while working in and around me. My husband was also a huge source of strength for me. He continually encourages me and tells me what an amazing gift this is. I know the deeper I got into this fast the less I saw it as a big deal. I don;t mean that the fast was not a big deal to me, but that suddenly 40 days did not seem that long of a time. haha

Well, about 2 days ago my stomach woke up. I am now physically hungry again. No more mind-battles, now it is actually physical too! My stomach makes loud growling noises, and it is all I can do not to devour whatever food I see. I do confess, i licked my finger a few times while cooking this weekend! I am looking forward to will be the end of this amazing fast and the beginning of eating. Things just have a whole new outlook for me now and I am excited to see all that has come because of this.

Physically: I am weak! Not severely weak, but I definitly feel weak. I don't look gaunt, but I am getting slight circles under my eyes. I am very cold a lot of the time, especially my fingers and feet. I am more tired than before. Despite these minor things, I feel great! I look really good too...I don't look sickly.

I plan on blogging again Friday night, after I have eaten again. God is so good!

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