Sunday, April 4, 2010

Day 22 - Day 28

What a wonderful day to blog...the day that Jesus rose from the grave! It is an amazing thing...Everyone is still sleeping and it is still dark out. I can almost pretend that I am one of the followers of Jesus...I wake up for a normal day until I remember that my Lord is dead. Everything seems so somber, so hopeless. What will we do now? Everything we have been living for is gone. And then others begin to wake up and and preparations are made for the women to go and work on Jesus' body...and imaine, just imagine! Showing up to his tomb with heavy hearts and leaving rejoicing! Don't look for Jesus in the tomb, He is not there!

Today celebrates the most important day in history...the day that opened the doors between us and God. I am so honored to be fasting on this day. To be on the 28h day of denying myself food so that I might be closer to Him.

Being on a 40 day fast in amazing. It is very hard to describe, but my huaband's comments can show what I mean. He talks about me being a different person since I started...I no longer ever complain about his scedue (something I always did!). He says I have barey complained or acted miserable because I am not eating. He says he can literally feel the effects of this fast. It has lead to major things hapening in his life too. He says through this fast God has placed something in his heart. EVery year he plays softball on Friday nights with our church team. They play in an unChristian rehab league. But 2 nights ago he felt the Lord wake him up in the middle of thenight and speak clearly that he is not to play this year but is to instead walk the streets on Friday nights and talk to people about Jesus!! I am so excited! He had an excitement in his spirit and is was so wonderful to see. This is one direct answer to a prayer that I have been praying on this fast.

There is a nearnss to God when doing this. There is a keen sense of spiritual things that is so amazing it makes me want to do this again someday! I have just never experienced anything like it and I am SO THANKFUL TO THE LORD for ordaining this fast for me. I am seeing prayer answered...not just random prayers, but the prayers of faith put forth on this fast.

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