Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Day 9

Yesterday was wonderful! I still get really hungry at night, which makes sense because that is when I normally eat. I am usually so busy during the day that I barely eat until evening. But I felt so peaceful and energized...I just felt alive. I still haven't told anyone other than hubby that this is a 40 day fast. Some people know I am fasting...it came out at a fellowship dinner...but when people asked how long it was I just said it was an extended one. It's going to come out more in the coming weeks, there's no helping that. I leave for a Women's Retreat in a couple of days and then my parents are coming to visit and a week later will be Easter. So when you see certain people week after week at events where there are food, it becomes obvious that I have been fasting for a while! I don't think it's wrong for people to know, but I get nervous (like most people do) that it will become a big deal and seem like a pride thing, which isn't what I want at all. i would like to keep it as discreet as possible.

My weight is changing very rapidly as well and it feels great. I started at 175 lb. and this morning was 162. It feels so good to be starting to slim down. I hope I get down to a comfortable weight again. I really haven't been at a good weight since before my first baby. I always got back to an ok weight after the kids, but never a comfortable one. It will be such a relief if we have another baby to feel good. It is hard taking care of little ones when you are pregnant, and much harder when you are overweight.
I don't know if I posted this or not, but I feel like this is part of God's gift to me. A chance to start over with my body. Before this fast, I spent 2 1/2 weeks exercising 6 days a week and doing weight watchers. I DID NOT LOSE ONE SINGLE POUND. It was so discouraging, mainly because I always have great success with Weight Watchers...and I am very diligent! I think God was doing that so I would recognize this weight lose as part of His gift, and not something I would do on my own. It makes it that much more special.

Well, I need to go tend to the children. God is so very good.

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