Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Day 3 again

I forgot some other little things that are actually not so little to me. I really want to document this journey because I think it is going to be remarkable and if I don't write down everything I will forget it.

So yesterday I woke up with a very nasty cold. I know that doesn't sound like anything at all, but to me it was. I felt like the devil was trying one of his little attacks to get me to stop...normally, I very well might have stopped telling myself that it is not healthy to fast when you are sick. But I just knew. I knew it was something that was trying to get me down. So I resolved to keep going and this morning I am still a little sick, but it is definitly going away!

And I was reading about long term fasts, I read that it is not good to "gorge" right before you start, but that you should eat mildly the last day. Normally when my hubby or I are going on a fast we "enjoy" the last day of eating...i.e., get take out and eat as much as we can! Well oddly enough, I happened to eat really mildly and lightly on Sunday. I even was coming home that night and was going to stop at McDonalds on my way home but i didn't because I just wasn't in the mood (that right there is God working! lol) So the day before the fast...before i even knew i was doing a 40 day...God was preparing me and I ate very lightly and mildly.

God's hand is all over this fast and I am so grateful and cannot wait to see where He will take me.

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