Sunday, March 28, 2010

Day 14-21

So I have decided to group my blog posts for 2 reasons: 1) because I am crazy busy and don't really have time to blog every day, and 2) because it was getting a little tedious and boring to write every day. There is only so much I can day on a day-to-day basis. So I am grouping.

Things have been amazing!! I am in a really great time in this fast. I would say something happened around day 17ish...I do still have the desire to eat, but it has shifted. i definitly do not think about it much any more. My husband has been so very encouraging to me! He has told me some very wonderful encouraging things about it that I have not noticed. He likened me to Daniel. The part of the story where they did not eat the banquet that the king put out and it was said that they had a different countenance. My hubby has said that I have a different countenance. He said I look great and I am of a kinder, more serene countenance. He said I have more energy and have been a very positive person, whereas before I was getting to be very negative and frustrated with my long and tiring days. He also says that he feels my fast every he feels the power and effect of it. That is amazing! I have to say that while this has been AMAZING, there have been days where I have not felt all that much. I always feel something, but at times it doesn't feel over the top. So it was so great to hear the things he had to say.

I was very blessed on the ministry wives retreat that I went on. It felt like another gift from God. The whole weekend other people were praising me. When I talked, I got comments and complements about my attitude and the way I live my life. It was so wonderful to be talked about like that. It was like a time where God just lifted me up. It felt so great and I was so encouraged in everything. The topic of the weekend happened to be about something that I already have a handle on in my life. So I was able to sit back and take things in and speak from a deep well of feelings and knowledge that I happen to have on this topic. I work very hard in my life not to be like a certain proverb that says a fool says everything in his heart. I try very hard to speak as little as possible, so as not to be like a fool. It is wise to speak little and think about your thoughts, rather than speaking freely and coming across as certain things. It has been great to put this into practice and I hope to continue to learn to do it. I certainly was encouraged at this retreat...I received complements and praises that were unsolicited on my part. I know this may sound conceited, but really it's not like that! It's just that I work so hard in my life and try so hard ...and I really try and do it without talking a lot or drawing attention. That's why this was so special.

I am just wrapping up a weekend where my family came to visit. I had to tell them it was a 40-day fast, because I will be seeing them again next weekend for Easter. I really thought I would get a negative reaction...more in the sense that they would be concerned and worried...but they weren't, they were actually really cool with it. Very nice!

Physically, as I said, it is much easier now. I have a lot of energy and need less sleep. I don't know what I weigh, so I can't comment on that, but everyone is saying I look good, so holistically it must be having a good effect. I am so happy to be over the half-way point...this really is something I will never forget!

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