Saturday, March 20, 2010

Day 11-13

I am sitting alone in a hotel room on the last day of a Ministry Wives retreat. I decided to skip the last session this morning so I could get some extra sleep and some alone time. It has been a wonderful couple of days...but even more so because I am fasting. It has been a little weird sitting at the tables and not eating, but everyone has been very nice and understands. I was thinking about not going to the meal times so as not to draw attention to my fast and to be alone, but I didn't want to do of the things I like most about this retreat is spending time talking with other Pastor's Wives, and a lot of the socializing happens at meals.

When you fast it is like everything is opened up to you. There is the literal sense, like smell...I could smell food very distinctly. But more importantly things are opened up in the spiritual sense. It is hard to describe, but when I hear a speaker, or read the Bible, or talk to God it is as if I have clarity and as if a veil has been lifted. It is a wonderful time of spiritual awakeness.

Phisically I feel good. I drink lots of juice when I feel weak, which is really only if I do something extra strenuous. I am still physically hungry every night, which is very difficult. And the mind part is still a challenge...If I keep busy, I don't notice, but when ever I am idle I want to eat! haha

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