Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Day 10

Yesterday and today were ok. i woke up and wanted to vomit, and at night my stomach still growls and I get hungry. I knew this wouldn't be easy, but i didn't think I would be so hungry! I kept hearing that after a certain amount of time you would not be hungry any more...either that is not true for me, or I haven't hit that point yet...or maybe the mental part is so strong it feels physical. Oh well, whatever the case it doesn't matter...I am so excited about this! You can't go on a God-given 40-day fast and have it not be amazing, no matter how hard it is.

God is doing so much. I felt in prayer this morning that God was t=showing em I need to stop watching some of our shows and start praying more.. He told me about the praying part already, but i didn't do it. Hubby and I watched Lost last night and today I just didn't feel right. God is trying to clean me out, and here I am putting junk in. So we are not going to watch our shows during this fast. And he said he will have times of prayer with me in the evenings...he is being very supportive, which I need. Taking the evening and praying is very difficult for me. But I did it tonight and God met me. Tonight I got to cry. a nice good cry...just a time of pouring things out to Him. And God was there comforting me, and mainly just letting me get it out. It was very good and I see how amazing God is when I just give myself to Him.

I know the more I give myself to Him, the more He can do in me. And I truly want Him to do so much in me.

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